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Cast Bronze or Aluminum Letters

cast metal letters

Cast Metal Letters, in Aluminum or Bronze, are individually hand cast in non-polluting electric resistance furnaces. Prime aluminum and LEAD FREE bronze ingot are hand poured in virgin sand molds at 1300 degrees F. and 2150 degrees F respectively.

Cast Metal Letters offer greater dimension than flat cut letters. Typically depths range from 1/4" to 1-1/2" depending on the height and style of the letter.

Advantages in using cast metal letters from the Sign Shop:
  • Well below cost of buying sheet
  • Added dimension for the money
  • Sharp clean lines
  • Face profiles (flat, round and prismatic)
  • Distinctive look
  • Easy to reproduce custom letter styles and logos
  • Recyclable Metal

Flat Cut Metal Letters

flat cut metal letters

Flat cut metal letters and logos are available in Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and Hot Rolled Steel in many thicknesses and finishes.

Computers paired with the latest graphics software reproduce your most complex ideas. Your letters and logos are then routed with either CNC machinery or waterjet cut.

Waterjet cut letters and logos are made using a fine, high pressure stream of water that carries an abrasive mineral. This fine stream cuts and allows for sharp inside corners, intricate detail on logos, and letters under 2" high.

Router cut letters and logos are mechanically routed out of flat metal stock. Based on the material thickness and letter size, a 1/8"-1/4" router bit will be used. As a result, inside corners will have a slight radius.

Both methods of cutting allow the same surface finishes after being cut.

Advantages of using flat cut metal letters from the Sign Shop:
  • Hundreds of letter styles to choose from
  • 24 Metal finishes or 38 Standard Painted colors
  • Razor sharp clean lines
  • Easy to reproduce custom letter styles and logos
  • Expert in house architectural anodizing process
  • Multiple thicknesses
  • Lower cost than buying sheet and cutting
  • Recyclable Metals

Flat Cut Plastic Letters

flat cut plastic letters

Flat cut-out acrylic letters and logos are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Computers paired with high-speed custom designed lasers, can precisely cut the most cost effective customized sign work in the industry.

Unless otherwise specified, all flat cut acrylic orders are cut with high speed lasers which produce a sharpness of cut unattainable by router cutting. The heat of laser cutting also polishes the edges for perfectly smooth returns

Trim Cap cannot be applied to Laser Cut Acrylic. If you are planning to use trim cap you must specify router cut, as the laser cut acrylic edges do not respond to adhesives.

In areas with either high U.V. exposure or where signage is subject to abnormal wear and tear; Gemini would recommend the use of Formed Plastic or Metal letters due to the physical limitations of Acrylic. In some cases, large acrylic letters in thinner gauges may need to be manufactured in multiple pieces.

Advantages in using flat cut acrylic and Gemlite letters from the Sign Shop:
  • Intricate logos
  • Small sizes available in flat cut letters ( styles )
  • Low cost
  • Fractional sizes available (as letters are made to order)
  • Many colors
  • Easy to reproduce custom logos & letter styles
  • Polished edges on laser cut
  • Recyclable Plastic

Formed Plastic Letters

thermoformed lettersformed plastic letters

Formed plastic letters and logos are thermoformed from cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB). By extruding our own raw materials, Gemini is able to produce a thicker, more durable plastic with greater color consistency and surface quality. These letters and logos are unique in that unlike oil based acrylics, CAB is a wood and cotton based plastic giving greater impact resistance, weatherability and more flexibility in recreating your designs.

Advantages in using formed plastic letters from the Sign Shop:
  • Over 100 Standard letter styles to choose from
  • 30 Standard colors to choose from
  • Low cost
  • Easy to reproduce custom letter styles and logos
  • Different face profiles (flat, round and prismatic)
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable plastic
  • Quick Delivery
  • Allow backlighting
  • Allow gold leafing

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